Tuesday, 27 November 2012



I found this image while browsing the web, and it just really struck me as how recovery feels.

Recovery isn't this gradual steady climb up a hill with guaranteed timelines of improvement until you're standing at the top saying "phew, glad that's over!"

To me, at least, recovery is ups and downs and relapse after relapse. It's like being lost in a fog and feeling so defeated at the end of each day you can't imagine starting again the next morning. But somehow there are some changes that do occur - but it's never what you plan, it's never easy, it's never logical... It sucks, basically.

And always, always, the road before you looks impossible and terrifying.

Image credit: "Til the End of Days" by Javier de la Torre


  1. this is EXACTLY it. for me the only thing scarier than not knowing what was wrong... was finding out how to get better.

    this is not a safe and easy road... but the end is well worth it. if you are suffering, PLEASE be brave enough to make the journey. it will save your life.

  2. Thanks Tess, am glad to know I'm not alone on this road! It can be hard to push onwards with the journey sometimes, but I am pretty determined at this point!

    Your comments mean more than you know. Thank you. Love, Jess