Monday, 3 December 2012

Doing My Homework

Recently, Debbie at Healing From BPD posted the DBT Emotion Regulation Worksheet 1A and encouraged us to consider using it in times of intense emotions.

I have just taken this advice and have found it extremely helpful, as with all aspects of DBT! 

It has allowed me to think a bit more clearly about what is going on in my head when I re-experience traumatic events in my mind. I hope that over time I will become stronger in dealing with this.

For now, here is my "homework" below. I hope to use this worksheet more often.

Emotion Names:
Hurt, Sadness, Anger, Abandonment, Panic, Anxious


Prompting Event:
Reading my journal from a time of distress in a previous relationship.


No one will ever want to be in a relationship with me, I am worthless. My ex-partner has moved on and is extremely happy. I will never feel this way and will be stuck living in the past painfully forever.

Body Changes and Sensing:
Tight chest, sick in the stomach, mild headache, lump in throat.

Body Language:
Frowning, tensed.

Action Urges:
Contact him to beg him to understand the pain he caused me and still causes me. Hurt myself by cutting/scratching my leg to distract me.


What I Said or Did:
Filled out this sheet. Tried to Radically Accept my emotions without suppressing or blocking them as this can only make them worse. Mindfully listened to crickets chirping outside.

After Effect of Emotions:
Emotions eventually eased, still felt waves of anxiety and hurt from time to time.

Function of Emotion:
These emotions are trying to tell me that I was treated badly by someone who did not love me and that I need to look after myself because I am still recovering. For me, painful and invalidating relationships should be ended as they are unhealthy and unsustainable.

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